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Future Congress Elevator Pitch 2017
Alexander Rohr from Lilian Labs, 2017

Opportunity to win the 2b AHEAD "Future Award" and intensive coaching with a 2b AHEAD top manager

The startup scene is growing and startups are hip, but many young companies too often fail in their search for investors who believe in their idea and are willing to spend money on building projects with staying power. 


Patrick Mijnals, managing director of bettervest and Martin Jäger, founder and CEO of fahrradjäger have managed to build a successful business. Mijnals won the elevator pitch at the 2b AHEAD Future Congress in Wolfsburg in 2015. In 2016, Jäger persuaded the jury after two minutes on stage with his idea "Insect," which provides digital theft protection for bicycles. 


Patrick Mijnals from bettervest, 2015
Martin Jäger from fahrradjäger, 2016

Mijnals, who started with a pure energy efficiency concept and is today focusing on social projects – especially in emerging and developing countries – came up with the Mindset: "The most important thing is to start somewhere. You shouldn't think too hard, but at the same time you shouldn't act thoughtlessly." Although fear of theft of ideas is justified with patents, inventions and innovations, it is unfounded with business models and ideas. It would be better to offer prototypes to as many people as possible as early as possible, to establish contacts and to interact with future customers.


Jäger and his team understood that user feedback makes the product better and secures sales. Two years ago, he cultivated openness towards the opinions of others and was keen to know what the jury and the participants at the Future Congress of Europe's largest future institute thought of his product. His product "Insect" is currently being revised with a backup staff of twelve for the second product launch.


The application phase for elevator pitches at the 17th Future Congress in Wolfsburg is starting now

A great opportunity to present ideas, concepts and developed prototypes to potential customers, influencers with excellent contacts and potential investors is the Elevator Pitch at the 17th Future Congress of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank in Wolfsburg. Successful applicants have two minutes to present their ideas. The winner will not only receive the "Future Award," but also intensive coaching by a top manager from the international network of 2bAhead.


Submission: short concept (max. two A4 pages or four PowerPoint slides) to annemoskalenko@2bahead.com

Location: Wolfsburg Castle
Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 4:00 pm

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