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2b AHEAD ThinkTank holds “open air” discussions in palace garden

It is not only its substantial future expertise and cross-industry attendance that distinguishes the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank Future Congress from other top-level business gatherings, but also its one-of-a-kind atmosphere.


It has already become tradition for the Future Congress to be held “open air” in castle gardens. In 2012, it was held for the first time in the "epicenter of the German automobile industry." The ThinkTank became a noted guest of Wolfsburg!


The location for the first congress in Wolfsburg was the castle that gave the city of Wolfsburg its name. The building was first mentioned in official documentation as a medieval castle in 1302. The castle justified its reputation as a difficult stronghold to capture during the Thirty Years’ War, which it was one of few castles of the nobility to survive intact. During the mid-fifteenth century, the castle was transformed into a model renaissance palace complete with a garden and park area, as the medieval castle no longer befitted the status of the von Bartensleben noble family.


Today, Wolfsburg Castle is the cultural center of the young city. With its palace garden, it offers the ideal ambience for the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank Future Congress.

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