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Angela Steinmüller

Angela Steinmüller



Angela Steinmüller lives as a free-lance writer at Berlin. After working for the Office of the Protestant Student Congregations of East Germany, she studied mathematics (abstract automata theory) at Humboldt University Berlin and worked in the field of data processing. Since 1980 she published as free-lance writer – as a rule together with her husband Karlheinz – many science fiction books, stories, essays, radio-plays, three books about foresight and a biography of Charles Darwin. She is in particular interested in the history of futures thinking and images of the future in science fiction and in general. Several times she has been received together with K. Steinmüller literary awards like the “Prix Européen de la Science-Fiction”, the “Dream Crystal” and “Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis”. Recently volume 8 of the collected works of the Steinmüllers, a collection of stories written in collaboration with Erik Simon, appeared: “Lighter than Vacuum”.

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