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Carsten Hübner

Dr. Carsten C. Hübner

ADAC Verlag GmbH & Co. KG: Geschäftsführer

Dr Carsten C. Hübner (born in 1965) is in charge of the publishing and travel business at ADAC SE in  his capacity as Managing Director of several subsidiaries. After graduating from the Faculty of  Business Administration and Economics at the University of Augsburg and obtaining his doctorate  from Ludwig?Maximilian?Universität in Munich, he went into the media business. Having held senior  positions at the Gruner & Jahr and Spiegel publishing houses, he became the founder and Managing  Director of MediaTradeCenter AG. In his present capacity, he is mainly concerned with transforming  conventional business models and structures into new areas of activity with an increasing tendency  towards digitalisation. Developments in media and tourism, some of them disruptive, have presented  unusual marketing and IT challenges. Dr Hübner focusses mainly on cultural, communicative and  process?related skills. These need to be readjusted and applied in new ways to ensure that  organisations with group structures, such as ADAC's, can successfully shape their future.

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