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2028 - How much "human" can the future take?

Welcome to the 17th 2b AHEAD ThinkTank Future Congress at Wolfsburg Castle on June 19-20, 2018

In 2018, the 2b AHEAD Future Congress will again rank among the most attractive business events of Europe’s innovation scene. Joining us will be 300 national and international CEOs and leading innovators from a wide range of industries, heads of SMEs, and executives from the areas of innovation management, business / digitalization / transformation strategy, R&D, and marketing. All of them are asking themselves what changes are coming for their industries in the next ten years. The Future Congress examines key prognoses and reveals opportunities for the business models of the future.

In all digitalization, transformation, and technological development, the lead role is played by human beings. The goal of significantly improving the lives of millions – or even billions – of people by bringing them a previously unimagined benefit is the strongest driver behind the great technological leaps that we are experiencing today. For this reason, human beings are once again at the center of focus for the 17th Future Congress of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank. The promises for the next ten years are huge: People in the year 2028 will live both longer and better. We may very well come closer to a solution for some of the greatest problems humanity faces: energy, hunger, water! Thanks to self-driving cars, traffic fatalities will virtually disappear. And the human “drivers” themselves will take back all of the time that they used to spend shackled to their steering wheels.


But all of these fantastic promises will only come true if we accept that computers will be better than we are in many areas – and if we humans compensate this loss of expertise through a new perspective on ourselves.


For this reason, the 2018 Future Congress will discuss the effects that the new living and working environments will have on human beings in a wide range of roles. How will we (have to) act differently … as managers, employees, customers, business partners, experts, friends, spouses, or parents? What will we ex-drivers do with all of that extra time? What will give meaning to everyday life for us as employees if it will no longer be the eight-hour working day? How will we measure ourselves as experts when computers more and more frequently provide better answers than we can? What can we be proud of as managers when the better strategies of our predictive enterprises don’t come from us, but from our quantum computers? And: What will your partner expect once they’ve started sharing their real-time emotional data with you?


What role will we humans play in the coming digital world? How will your business model evolve? How will products and services change? What skillsets, structures, and leadership methods will you need in your company?


Experience today the technologies that will thoroughly transform the way we work. Expect to experience one of the year’s most innovative future congresses, complete with creative discussion formats, elevator pitches, and big visions! Meet personalities whose innovative ways of thinking and acting have opened new markets. Enjoy intense, deep, and inspiring discussions about the future on equal footing with business leaders and top international speakers. Together we will develop predictions for how our business models will change during the next decade and what new opportunities will appear.

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