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Wir haben die Visionen der folgenden Keynote-Speaker gehört:

For the fourteenth time now, the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank’s annual Future Congress will be held again this year from June 16th - 17th 2015 in Wolfsburg, Germany.


In 2015, the 2b AHEAD Future Congress will again rank among the most attractive business events of the German innovation scene. For the last 14 years, 300 top personalities have gathered each year at our invitation to discuss the future of business. Our guests include national and international CEOs and innovation leaders from a wide range of industries, as well as executives from the areas of innovation management, research and development, product development, marketing, strategic corporate planning, and consumer- and market research. The topics of this annual congress are exclusively limited to future forecasts and the transformation of business models for the next ten years.  


The main topic of this year’s Future Congress from June 16th - 17th 2015 will be: 2025: Adaptive Economy, Networked Customers, Digital Business: What Role Will the Human Being Play as Part of the System?


A comprehensive prognosis of life and work in the year 2025 will be debated at the 2015 Future Congress. Special emphasis is placed on all questions surrounding the establishment of future IT systems, the digital transformation of living- and working environments, and changes in future business models. However, philosophical questions concerning the relationship between humans and machines in 2025 will also play a major role at the congress.


At our Future Congress, you can expect to experience the most innovative future-oriented congress in Germany, complete with creative discussion formats, PechaKucha, wild cards, elevator pitches, and scenario planning! Just as every year, this year’s Future Congress will bring 250 top managers and innovative thinkers together with trend researchers and extreme lead users, but also with politicians, artists, and bishops. Be prepared to meet personalities whose innovative ways of thinking and acting have opened new markets. Our guests will work together this year to predict how our business models will change through 2025, and what opportunities will arise for tomorrow’s visionaries. Will you be one of them?



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Dr. Eric W. Brown

IBM Watson Group, Director of Watson Algorithms


Erick W. Brown has made IBM's "Watson" into the world's most intelligent supercomputer. He is responsible for the development and programming of the highly complex algorithms behind the high-tech machine. In 2011, Watson had already won the American game show "Jeopardy!" against human opponents. At that time, the supercomputer was as large as two refrigerators. Currently, Watson is as large as two pizza boxes and is being used at a university hospital. The doctors there consider Watson to be the best cancer diagnostician in the world even today. In 2020, Watson will have the size - and price - of the average smart phone. Then, we will be living in a world where virtually everyone has a supercomputer in their pocket that can answer most of its user's questions better than other humans. At 2b AHEAD's 2015 Future Congress, Dr. Brown will provide a picture of life in 2025, and will explain what role the human being will play in the world of intelligent machines (and how companies will need to react). 

Prof. Dr. José Luis Cordeiro

Singularity University, Futurist


Dr. José Luis Cordero is viewed as Latin America's most important futurist. His future-related studies have lead the world citizen from Venezuela through more than 130 countries and to the world's most important universities and largest corporations. He is one of the founding members of the Singularity University, the future-studies institute run by Google and partners in Silicon Valley. At the 2015 Future Congress, Dr. Cordero will raise what is perhaps the most important question of our time: What will happen when machines become more intelligent than humans? His keynote speech will open a view into the future of technology, and will investigate the question of the role of the human being in the world of trans- and posthumanism. 

Prof. Dr. Holger H. Mey

Airbus Defence and Space, Vice President of Advanced Concepts


Dr. Mey is an expert in military and security matters. In his role as Vice President of Advanced Concepts, he is responsible for questions regarding the future of military technology and security policy and the resulting consequences for the economy. It is a well-known fact that key technological developments first appear in the military before they spill over into the market and the civil sector. At our 2015 Future Congress, Dr. Mey will give us a a view of the role of the human being in the context of high-tech warfare. What will the much-debated "sixth generation warfare" look like? How will the combatant of the future act? And what role will the human being play in armed conflicts in the future?

Joseph Kowalsky

Cryonics Institute, Director und CIO


Joseph Kowalsky is the Director and CIO of the international leader in its field, the Cryonics Institute, a company that promises to fulfill what is probably humanity's greatest dream: immortality. Its customers are individuals whose desire is to postpone their own deaths until the cause of death has become curable. According to cryonicists, this is possible through cryogenic freezing. Thousands of people across the world have signed contracts detailing the freezing of their bodies after death. Hundreds of bodies are already lying in liquid nitrogen. At the 2b AHEAD Future Congress, Mr. Kowalsky will explain what future lies in store for the freezing of individual cells or entire bodies. How will human existence change when humans can change themselves?



Sven Gábor Jánszky

2b AHEAD ThinkTank, CEO


Sven Gábor Jánszky is one of the most in-demand futurologists in Germany, and is the official host of the 2015 Future Congress. His studies and books considerably shape the future-oriented strategies of various industries. Mr. Jánszky advises executive boards and strategy leaders in innovation management processes, and is a sought-after interview expert in Germany's major business media. At his initiative, innovative business leaders and top managers meet in the "Rulebreaker Society." These share the conviction that the key innovations in business and society are achieved through the targeted "breaking" of established conventions. Together they work on projects that aim to bring seemingly incredible innovations into the world through this "creative destruction." In the concluding keynote address of the 2015 Future Congress, Mr. Jánszky will outline a vision of a life in 2025 in which technology is used expertly, personal values are constantly in question, and adaptivity in life, in the corporate world, and in the government has been elevated to a fundamental maxim of existence.

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