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Fast Forward 2026: Think Faster – Decide Faster – Act Faster!


2b AHEAD Future Congress 2016: June 14-15 2016 in Wolfsburg



Fast Forward 2026: Think Faster - Decide Faster - Act Faster!
How the Speed of the Future Will Change Our Customers, Products, and Processes



For more than ten years now, the annual 2b AHEAD Future Congress has outlined in its predictions the far-reaching changes that digitalization will bring to all industries. Whether with commerce, banking, insurance, tourism, mobility, or manufacturing, rapid change can be found anywhere. But the farther this change progresses, the clearer it becomes that the distinction between winners and losers will not be decided by business models or products alone, but also by what has so far been the most underestimated company capability: speed.


Silicon Valley has invented a new speed measurement for innovations. The "lean start-up" principle predicts innovation cycles of two-to-three weeks. In this short time, an idea will be built as a prototype, programmed, tested by customers, and examined in light of these tests. Then, it will either be axed or, in another three weeks, rebuilt, reprogrammed, retested, and reexamined. Regardless of with start-ups or billion-dollar corporations, Silicon Valley companies have taken on this three-week velocity. Is it better to be fast, or to be really good? The hands-down answer: FAST!


The 2b AHEAD ThinkTank's 15th Future Congress in 2016 will show where this speed will take us through 2026: What disruptive technologies will push their way into our industries? Which products will become adaptive? How will customer needs change? How will brands lose out on customer trust? What will structures and processes look like in agile companies? The Future Congress will provide solid answers to tomorrow's questions ... today!


The Top 3 Innovation Obstacles: Power, Fear, and Faith


European business models are also becoming faster and faster thanks to disruptive technologies. Are we prepared for this? The solutions that classic innovation management may be able to give to these questions are often hardly satisfying: Also, they seldom reach the market quickly enough. In some places in European business, people still speak with reverence of innovation cycles of three years or more. Our leading innovators are proud to speak of faster cycles of three months. This is still 75% slower than the pace set by the new global economy!


No wonder that some are calling for a new slowness! But is anyone really surprised that these calls for reduced velocity are not coming from the "High-Speed Valley"? But rather from plodding old Europe? Are we incapable of picking up the pace? Are we afraid of losing the slow pace of life that we have grown so found of? Or is it that we're following the wrong strategies? The 15th Annual 2b AHEAD Future Congress puts the spotlight on the hidden obstacles to innovation in the top ranks of European business: POWER, FEAR, and FAITH! Who will lose - or gain - power when we give up our control over structures and processes? How can we compensate for our fear of the unforeseeable when everyone has stopped giving forecasts with any guarantees? AND: What new concepts of the future can managers trust when our faith in the old rules is rapidly being torpedoed?


In the next ten years, speed and agility will become the top criterion for growth. How we choose to handle the increasing speed of business will determine our success or failure in the future: the success of products and companies, but also the success of life plans and careers.


This conference will discuss the most relevant technologies for the next ten years. It will provide a picture of the future and of how your customers, your products, and your company will change in this age of disruption. The Future Congress will present the international best cases of fast companies and will discuss the most important question for all of our futures: How will people and companies manage to think faster, to react with more agility, and to better adapt to the situations they face?


The program flyer, list of speakers, impressions from the congress, and the application form can be found here: Program Flyer (PDF)


The flyer contains all of the relevant official information on the 2b AHEAD Future Congress on June 14-15, 2016 in Wolfsburg.

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