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These Speakers will amaze us with their visions and perspectives in 2020:

Dr. Hou Yong

BGI-Research: Executive Director

The best genetics institute forecasts how a new "genome-based lifestyle" will turn all business models involving the human body upside down by 2030.


Dr. Hodjat Babak

Cognizant: Vice President of Evolutionary AI

... is one of the leading AI developers worldwide and describes why it is good that until 2030 the important decisions in economy and society will be made by artificial intelligence.


Eva Kaili

European Parliament: Head of the Greek SD Delegation

Eva Kaili is a Member of the European Parliament and Chair of the European Parliament's Science and Technology Options Assessment Body. She describes how blockchain technology will skyrocket EU administration.


Prof. Markus Hengstschläger

Institute for Medical Genetics: Member of the Executive Board

One of the most famous geneticists in the world explains how genes entice us to strive for mediocrity. And how we can change that! His credo: It must become the norm to deviate from the norm.


Dagmar Schuller

audEERING GmbH: CEO & Co-Founder

... teaches language assistants to analyse human emotions and thus lays the foundation for an empathic interaction between man and machine.


Perumal Gandhi

Perfect Day: Co-Founder, CTO

... is the first in the world to be able to produce milk artificially after meat. He has declared war on conventional agriculture and predicts what we will eat and drink in 2030.


Jason Cohen

Analytical Flavor Systems: CEO & Founder

His AI platform can predict your taste preferences. With this technology, in 2030 your food will not only be medical food and beauty food, but will also adapt to health and body data in real time ... but also to our taste preferences according to the situation. The adaptive food of the year 2030.


Sam Lee

Blockchain Global Limited: Founder & CEO

... wants to ensure with his block chain centers worldwide that block chain technology will change the world significantly by 2030.


Dr. Jun Zhang

Whalehouse: Vice President

The co-founder of China's largest, fully automated warehouse describes the development of logistics up to the year 2030.


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