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THE NEXT LEVEL! How technology will change our companies and products until 2023

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You won´t be able to recognize our world. You will eat your Steak printed by a 3D-Bioprinter, you will design your health with DNA-Files and Body-Enhancement,your mobile phone will be made flexible by nanocoating, your computer will read your mind. You will trust your electronic assistant more than your secretary, your car will be able to understand your emotions and you will change the tactile surface of your dining table by pressing a button...these things seem unbelievable, yet they are said to be implemented during the next ten years. But how much of this is pure science fiction and what is really going to change your business?


Traditionally every year the future congress of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank prognosticates technological development for the next 10 years. For they already exist, those visions that design our business model for 2023! The ThinkTank presents to you the technological Roadmaps for the most important sectors. It shows which new business models are about to breakthrough and where new markets are about to develop in the next 10 years.


But also questions concerning the social impact are on the agenda. How will decision making processes in politics and in society change? How can we use technological advances to make our world more livable? And how can we help companies with slowly shortening cycles of innovation to keep up with the rest.

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