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2024: New Customers - New Products - New Processes! How the new technology culture changes the basic values of your business models

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For the past 30 years, digitalization changed our world drastically. At first, the slide rule disappeared followed by typewriters, vinyl records, love letters and phone booths. Fax machines, landline phones and printed books are to follow shortly. Even the PC is already on the death list of digitalization, experts believe. When those products disappear, the connected jobs disappear as well: printer, travel agents, real estate agents, taxi offices and so on and so forth. But that's not as terrible as it may sound, because they'll be replaced by new products and modern jobs. Our companies also change with it: We'll have flexible project teams instead of classic compartments, social media overcomes a chain of command, and collaboration replaces knowledge for the sake of control.


Technology also changes our values. In 1986, an average employee had 76 per cent of the knowledge required for his job saved in his brain. Today it is just ten per cent. This kind of insecurity sparks our longing for those good old values that keep our world going round and round. However, this congress is not a pointless discussion about values.


The 13th Future Congress debates the strategic key question for your future business models. Which values have true strategic value in 2024? Which strategic positions do you have to occupy? Will there be a dangerous reliance on natural resources? How do we secure our status quo in Europe by following strategic values? Do education and the intellect of employees become more valuable the more complex technology becomes? Or is it the other way around: Does the workforce lose its value when more processes are being outsourced to the customer? By which values make customers a decision to buy a product or not? Guided by which values do your employees work?

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