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Wolfsburg Inc.—The engine behind innovation

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Wolfsburg AG has been starting and implementing projects for the promotion of business and employment in Wolfsburg and the surrounding region since 1999. To that end, the joint venture between the city of Wolfsburg and Volkswagen AG, using the automobile industry firmly established in the region as a starting point, is working to develop further business networks in the areas of recreation, health, education and energy. Its core strategy is the adoption and implementation of innovations towards the goal of sustainable use. Through its connections with scientific institutions and transregional partners, as well as through pilot projects with strong mass appeal, Wolfsburg AG is creating trend-setting beginnings for the sustainable development of the region. 


For further information: www.wolfsburg-ag.com



T-Systems - A strong partner

With its worldwide infrastructure of data centers and networks, T-Systems operates the information and communications technology (ICT) for multinational corporate groups and public institutions. Using this basis, the Key Accounts Division of Deutsche Telekom offers integrated solutions for the networked future of business and society. With locations in over 20 countries and global shipping capabilities, the Telekom subsidiary serves companies from all industries. Its approximately 50,000 employees combine industry competence with ICT innovations in order to provide customers from all over the world with clear added value for their core businesses. In the 2013 fiscal year, the Key Accounts Division generated sales of roughly 9.5 billion euros.   


For further information: www.t-systems.com

The City of Wolfsburg

Stadt Wolfsburg Logo


The City of Wolfsburg 

In addition to its core focus on the automotive supply industry, the city of Wolfsburg – traditional seat of Volkswagen with the world’s largest automobile factory, and also center of production and services with over 120,000 inhabitants – hosts a large number of companies from the service and trade industries that chose to settle in the attractive city between Hannover and Berlin. Wolfsburg is considered to be one of the most dynamic business centers in Germany.



For further Information: www.wolfsburg.de



WMG Logo

Our mission: A strong region. We support the establishment and development of sustainable business and supply structures; we strengthen the local business climate, and we protect jobs and create new ones. In close cooperation with local and regional partners, we develop new perspectives and implement future-proof projects and products. The promotion of the local recreation and tourism industries is also very important to us. One key goal lies behind all of our activities: We want to increase the attractiveness of the business location and the appeal of Wolfsburg's image, and to use planned measures to continually improve the quality of life in the city.



For further information: www.wmg-wolfsburg.de



NEULAND builds and manages residences of all legal forms and types of use, including privately-owned houses and apartments. Additionally, NEULAND also constructs communal facilities, shops, and accommodations for business enterprises, as well as social, economic, and cultural facilities. The company will also continue to adapt its properties to the market situation, demographic development, and the individual housing needs of its customers, with the goal of offering affordable housing and respecting their social concerns. In this way, NEULAND will continue to make important contributions to the development of the city of Wolfsburg in the future as well.


For further information: www.ndl.de

Unternehmerverbände Niedersachsen e. V. (UVN)

Unternehmensverbände Niedersachsen e.V. (UVN) constitutes the umbrella organization for approximately 70 employers in Lower Saxony, thus acting as the spokesperson for its members and their more than 140,000 networked companies from the areas of industry, commerce, services, agriculture and skilled trades.


As the central association for the members of Lower Saxony's economy, the UVN represents the economic and sociopolitical interests of the region's economy to the state and to parliament, as well as to political parties, labor unions, and other important groups in society. One important goal for the UVN in this regard is to secure the competitive ability of the Lower Saxon economy in national and international competition for regions and jobs.


As a member of the North German Board of Trustees, a coalition of the economic associations and chambers of commerce of Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Lower Saxony, the UVN takes an active role in broader northern German affairs, among other things in the areas of transport and environmental concerns.



For further information: www.uvn-online.de

Our Eventpartner


Our media partners

brand eins Logo

brand eins looks for the connections and causes behind our world. We take the seemingly familiar and arrange it in new ways. We cross business and society. What we offer is a change in perspective – because new ways of looking at the world are crucial for an economy where creativity and knowledge are the most important productivity factors. brand eins describes the transformation of business and society, the change in eras of information and knowledge. We reveal the breaking points that occur in the process, and deliver models, ideas, and concepts for everyone who is touched by this transformation or actively shapes it.



For further information:  www.brandeins.de

Business Impact

Digitize your business! 


73 percent of top managers is of the opinion that their companies are not prepared for the digital transformation of our world. The digitalization of business is complex, and cannot be mastered without considerable expertise – especially not when time is of the essence.


business impact is the business magazine for digitalization. It communicates pioneering topics in a form that decision makers in politics and business understand and take seriously. Nominated as the Professional Journal of the Year, business impact is published in Germany cooperation with the National Association of CIOs.



For further information:  www.mediamanufaktur.com

GDI Impuls


GDI Impuls is the leading medium for economically relevant trends, and compiles and classifies new developments in business, society, and the consumer world. In doing so, it offers a solid foundation for corporate decisions and inspiration for new solutions. GDI Impuls is published by the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, an independent global think tank with headquarters in Rüschlikon / Zürich. The institute investigates cross-industry developments, trends and countertrends. Always from the consumer's point of view.



For further information:  www.gdi.ch

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