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These Speakers were amazing us with their ideas and perspectives in 2016:

Dirk Ahlborn

Hyperloop: CEO und CEO&Founder of JumpStarter Inc.

Reshaping transportation as we know it through cutting edge crowd-collaboration platforms. Dirk is the CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. which designs, manufactures and builds the most highly profitable, fastest, safest, environmentally friendly transportation system for passengers and goods.


Thomas Sattelberger

Deutsche Telekom AG: Ex-Chairman

David Gump

Deep Space Industries: Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, USA

Mining in space: The co-founder of Deep Space Industries is developing technologies that will enable us, by the year 2020, to harvest asteroids and use them for fuel and building materials. His satellites will become gas stations in space! David Gump will speak about conquering the outer space market.


Dr. Dirk C. Gratzel

PRECIRE Technologies: CEO


Elizabeth Parrish

BioViva Sciences Inc.: CEO, USA

The transhumanist will present a process that could well fulfill the dream of eternal youth. Elizabeth Parrish aims to be the first patient for the gene therapy she is developing to stop the aging process.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Druyen

Institute of Futurepsychology and Future-management (Sigmund Freud Privatuniversität): Director, Germany

The sociologist and Director of the Institute for Future Psychology and Future Management is Europe's most renowned expert in the areas of Ethical Wealth and the Culture of Wealth. He will discuss every manager's anxious question, "How can we gain assurance in making decisions when no one gives forecasts with guarantees anymore?"


David Rosenberg

AeroFarms: Co-Founder und CEO, USA

Farming without topsoil. A harvest every three weeks. Minimal use of water and fertilizers. David Rosenberg is taking vertical farming to urban space to solve the problem of feeding the worlds' major cities.


Sven Gábor Jánszky

2b AHEAD ThinkTank: Chairman

The noted futurist is the moderator of the 2b AHEAD Enabling Transformation Congress. With theses drawn from his own work, he will introduce the various aspects of the congress, and will conclude the event by condensing the most exciting revelations from this year's ThinkTank.


Devin Liddell

Teague: Vice President Brand Strategy, USA

What would we do if we wanted to reinvent air travel? At the 2b AHEAD Future Congress, Devin Liddell will give us an impression about how the airlines of tomorrow will work and what business models for air travel will look like in the future.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Klindt

Noerr LLP: Lawyer, specialist in administrative law, Germany

Do we need criminal law for machines? The experienced industry lawyer will explain digitalization and automation from a legal perspective and thereby raise the question: Will the Internet soon need its own jurisdiction?


Brenna Nan Schneider

99degrees custom: Founder and CEO, USA

The entrepreneur is bringing industrial production back to the city. What's more: Her company, 99degreescustom, is placing adaptive textiles on the market and integrating the wishes of the individual customer into standard production.


Robert P. Schröder

MarsOne: Candidate, Germany

The Electrical Engineering and IT student from Darmstadt is a third-round candidate for the MarsOne project and hopes to be one of the first to settle Mars. In his VisionTalk, he will discuss the establishment of a Mars colony starting in 2022. More than 200,000 people have applied for participation. There's just one catch: There's no return ticket!

Michael Carl

2b AHEAD ThinkTank: Managing Director

Michael Carl, Research Director of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, will lead the discussions during the congress and he will confront participants and speakers with the most important questions on transformation.


Ben Glass

Altaeros: CEO, USA

Ben Glass makes windmills fly. As Co-Founder and CTO of Altaeros Energies, he is largely responsible for taking high-altitude hovering windmills out of the realm of science fiction. His claim: This technology will revolutionize the production of regenerative energies — to the customer's advantage.


Evgeny Chereshnev

Kaspersky Lab: Manager, Russland


Jürgen Weber

The embedded LENR NIH Stirling Engine: Inventor, Germany

Cold fusion as part of everyday life. The inventor of the embedded LENR NiH Stirling Motor is combining proven motor technology with the innovative process of cold fusion, thus creating the possibility of producing mobile energy in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

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