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These Speakers have amazed us with their visions and perspectives in 2017:

Bo Ewald

D-Wave Systems Inc.: President

Bo Ewald will discuss the consequences of his company's quantum computer for your products, processes, and business model.


Dr. Martin Hofmann

Volkswagen AG: CIO

Dr. Martin Hofmann will give an exclusive presentation of the results of the world's first commercial quantum computer project in Beijing.


Stephen Brobst

Teradata: CTO

Stephen Brobst is ranked as one of the top four CTOs in the world. At the Future Congress he will speak about data – as a business model, as a product, as the basis for the predictive enterprises of the future.


Alan Ho

Google Quantum AI Laboratory: Engineer and Entrepreneur

Inspired by the business textbook "Crossing the chasm", Alan Ho from Google will provide its perspective on how this early industry will evolve. Based on Google's own experience building quantum applications, Alan will provide practical advice to industry leaders on the opportunities and pitfalls of commercializing quantum application.


Dr. Randal Koene

Kernel: Chief of Neuroscience & Systems Strategy

The Chief of Neuroscience & Systems Strategy of Kernel will effectively speak of eternal life – i.e., about how you can continue to exist in a virtual world as a brain upload long after your death.


Dr. Will Zeng

Rigetti Quantum Computing: Senior Researcher

Rigetti Quantum Computing has a mission to build the world’s most powerful computer. Senior Researcher Dr. Will Zeng will speak about this ambitious plan as well as the roadmap for the quantum computing age and its consequences for the world.


Julian Wheatland

Cambridge Analytica: COO & CFO

Julian Wheatland claims to have calculated the psychological profiles of 220 million Americans, using them to help Donald Trump achieve his campaign victory. How will your business model change when you know the psychological fingerprint of every one of your customers?

Martin Roetteler

Microsoft Research: Senior Researcher

Microsoft is betting on an entirely new approach to building quantum computers and expects this to bring an advantage in the race to the top of the quantum market. At the summit, Martin Roetteler will explain his company’s advantage over the competition.


Gabriele Sommer

TÜV SÜD AG: Head of HR

The head of HR for the TÜV SÜD group will speak about cooperation between humans and machines in the future – who will be the boss in this relationship? And what would the right combination between the two look like?


Frédéric Peyrot

AIR en-japan inc.: COO

Frédéric Peyrot is developing software capable of analyzing conversations on the social network Slack and identifying the emotional state of staff members. At the 2017 Future Congress, he will speak about how his vision will lead to the leadership strategies of the future.


Lauri Oksanen

Nokia Solutions and Networks: Vice President Research and Technology

The cloud expert will speak about how the networks of the future will need to be structured in order to integrate artificial intelligence into the often-neglected area of communication.


Prof. Winfried Hensinger

University of Sussex: Professor of Quantum Technologies

Prof. Winfried Hensinger has developed a blueprint for building quantum computers – a sensational breakthrough in science. At the Quantum Summit, he will speak about his own quantum computer that promises to bring Europe to the top in quantum computer development.


Dr. Lupo Pape

SemanticEdge GmbH: Managing Director, CEO and Co-Founder

“OK Google“ and “Hey Alexa” – Lupo Pape is sure to have spoken these phrases countless times in his life, because his company is an expert in the conception and development of natural voice user interfaces. The Future Congress will reveal how you can achieve 100% reachability in wait-free service … and what business models will emerge as a result.


Ethan Smith

Yummly: Chief Growth Officer

The Chief Growth Officer from the food platform will speak about how artificial intelligence will coach us in the future based on our personal data and unique environment. This will take companies to a new dimension of customer service.


Anna Kaiser

Tandemploy GmbH: Founder, CEO

Anna Kaiser is the founder and CEO of Tandemploy, where she shares leadership as part of the company’s job-sharing program. Her most recent accomplishment is the abolishment of the rigid 40-hour workweek. At our Future Congress, she will talk about her vision of cooperative leadership in open organizations.


Dirk Reznik

Vorwerk Thermomix: CEO

Dirk Reznik, CEO of Thermomix, will speak about the optimal use of data for the products of tomorrow – and about how these products will be individualized thanks to the optimization of hardware through intelligent software.


Georg Gesek

Novarion IT Service GmbH: Founder, CEO

Georg Gesek will demonstrate that quantum computers are not only coming from overseas. The CEO of Novarion speaks aboutin Europes's role in the competition for the commercialization of quantum computers.


Dr. Kate Devlin

Goldsmiths, University of London: Senior Lecturer

Kate Devlin predicts that the machines of the future will develop feelings and even their own consciousness thanks to artificial intelligence.


Maria Ritola

Iris AI: Co-Founder

Iris is your new research assistant. “She” is an AI in search of a great career. CMO Maria Ritola explains how Iris will shape science and business.

Matan Field

Backfeed: CEO

Matan Field will one day make the use of blockchain technology as normal a part of life as the internet is today.


Madeline Aufseeser

Tender Armor: Co-Founder, CEO

The founder of Tender Armor is considered one of the greatest innovators in banking. She will speak about her vision for the future of payment and what business models will be made possible by tomorrow's payment data.


Ismail Chaib


His vision: that tomorrow's banks will no longer merely have a single company app, but many. His resources: secure and open programming interfaces for 30 banks and 5,500 developers across the globe. Tesobe is the nexus where the future of retail banking is being created.


Jonathan Hegranes

Kittyhawk: Co-Founder, CEO

Kittyhawk.io Co-Founder Jon Hegranes connects drones with real-time data (RTD). These predictive drones will revolutionize almost every business model - including Yours? Find out at the Future Conference!


Hossein Rahnama

Flybits, Inc.: Founder and CEO

Hossein Rahnama aims to overcome the chasm between life and death by giving every individual their own personal bot that their loved ones can use to keep in contact with them after they have died.


Pegor Papazian

Bazillion Beings: CEO

Pegor Papazian is creating the first digital beings by launching an army of bots that finance themselves and buy services from other bots, thus becoming customers and employers at the same time.


Dr. Adam Gazzaley

University of California, San Francisco: Professor

The neuroscientist and venture capitalist combines technologies for the optimization of cognitive ability with gamification and electrical stimulation. Learn how you too can upgrade your brain power and what you can do with these newfound abilities.


Ido Savir

SuperMeat: Co-Founder and CEO

The boss of the meat laboratory SuperMeat will speak about the revolution of meat production.


Michael Carl

2b AHEAD ThinkTank: Managing Director

Michael Carl, Research Director of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, will lead the discussions during the congress and he will confront participants and speakers with the most important questions on transformation.


Sven Gábor Jánszky

2b AHEAD ThinkTank: Chairman

The noted futurist is the moderator of the 2b AHEAD Enabling Transformation Congress. With theses drawn from his own work, he will introduce the various aspects of the congress, and will conclude the event by condensing the most exciting revelations from this year's ThinkTank.


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