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These Speakers will amaze us with their visions and perspectives in 2020:

Jan Berger

2b AHEAD ThinkTank: CEO

As CEO, he is responsible for the growth strategy of the 2bAhead ThinkTank GmbH.


Matan Berkowitz

Tongo: Co-Founder

His current company, Tongo, is building the world’s first tongue-computer interface, enabling users to control digital devices using their tongue instead of their hands.


David Brin


As a scientist, tech consultant and world-renowned author, he speaks, consults and writes on a broad range of topics including national defense and homeland security, astronomy and space exploration.


Eva Kaili

European Parliament: Head of the Greek SD Delegation

... is chairman of the committee for "Future of Science & Technology" and describes how politics will work on the basis of artificial intelligence in 2030 and how block chain technology will also skyrocket the EU administration.


Jason Cohen

Analytical Flavor Systems: CEO & Founder

... has an AI platform that predicts your taste preferences. Its adaptive food of the year 2030 will not only adapt to health and body data in real time as medical food and beauty food ... but also to your taste preferences according to the situation.


Dr. Michael Feindt

Blue Yonder: Founder & CEO, Germany

... developed the NeuroBayes algorithm at CERN more than ten years ago and thus established the market leader for predictive enterprise software for German retail.


Ulrich Hegge

InfoSum: Senior Vize President

As a member of the senior management team, the industry-wide known Programmatic expert drives InfoSum's corporate and product strategy.


Prof. Dr. Angelika Niebler

Wirtschaftsbeirat Bayern: Präsidentin, Europaabgeordnete, stellvertretende CSU-Vorsitzende

… beschreibt die Verantwortung der Politik und die Rolle Europas in der Welt des Jahres 2030


Prof. Markus Hengstschläger

Institute for Medical Genetics: Member of the Executive Board

... provides insight on how we can best prepare for foreseeable and unpredictable futures - through new approaches in education, human resource management, research, society and politics.


Dr. Babak Hodjat

Cognizant: Vice President of Evolutionary AI

… has developed Sentient.ai, the largest and most powerful intelligent system in the world. As one of the leading AI developers, he predicts how artificial intelligence will make decisions in 2030.


Stefan Jenzowsky

2b AHEAD Ventures GmbH: CEO


Dr. Dorothee Ritz

Microsoft Deutschland: Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung & General Manager Advertising & Online

With her futuristic office in Vienna, she is shaping the image of the working worlds of the future and with her company the strategies for companies in 2030.


Christian Mio Loclair

New Media Artist und Choreograph

... has asked artificial intelligences whether they recognize themselves.


Raphael Schardt

Mana Farms: Co-Founder

Raphael is building up a Vertical Farming Startup with Mana Farms in cooperation with several German medium-sized companies.


Dagmar Schuller

audEERING GmbH: CEO & Co-Founder

... teaches language assistants to analyse human emotions and thus lays the foundation for an empathic interaction between man and machine.


Dominik Schiener

IOTA Foundation: Co-Founder

Discuss with Dominik Schiener his vision: artificial intelligence is building its own parallel market economies in the networked city of the future.


Didier Toubia

Aleph Farms: Co-Founder un CEO

With his company he wants to shape the future of the food industry by breeding meat from cow cells.


Racheli Vizman

SavorEat: Co-Founder & CEO

She produces a new generation of meat alternative products.


Dr. Xiaoxi Wei

X-Therma Inc.: Founder and CEO

Xiaoxi’s ten-year passion for developing life-saving cryopreservation technology has resulted in the core mission of X-Therma Inc.: the creation of new, bioinspired nanomaterials that use powerful chemistry to counter natural processes.


Anouk Wipprecht

Designerin, Fashion Tech

... designs and 3D prints clothes that interact with the body and brain waves of their wearer.


Dr. Sebastian Weidt

Universal Quantum: CEO & Co-Founder

His goal is to build the first European quantum computer.


Dr. Hou Yong

BGI-Research: Executive Director

The best genetics institute forecasts how a new "genome-based lifestyle" will turn all business models involving the human body upside down by 2030.


Zee Zheng

SpaceChain: CEO

... shows how he combines space and block chain technologies to build the world's first open source block chain-based satellite network.


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