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Prof. Kevin Warwick

 // Combination of Human and Machine Intelligence



Kevin is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the IET who has published over 600 research papers. His experiments into implant technology led to him being featured as the cover story on the US magazine, 'Wired'. He achieved the world's first direct electronic communication between two human nervous systems, the basis for thought communication. Another project extended human sensory input to include ultrasonics. He also linked his nervous system with the internet in order to control a robot hand directly from his neural signals, across the Atlantic Ocean.

He has been awarded higher doctorates (DSc) by Imperial College and the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague. He has also been awarded 9 Honorary Doctorates. He received The IEE Senior Achievement Medal, the IET Mountbatten Medal and the Ellison-Cliffe Medal from the Royal Society of Medicine.  In 2000 Kevin presented the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures and in 2017 he presented the Paul B. Baltes Lecture at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.



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