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Speaker at the 2b AHEAD Future Congress 2019

These Speaker will amaze us with their visions and perspectives:

Prof. Toby Walsh

Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence


 Aliya Prokofyeva



Prof. Dr. Joseph Wang

Researcher and Inventor


Anneli Rautiainen

Head of Innovation Centre at Finnish National Agency for Education



Glenn Gonzales

Chief Technology Officer at SAP Germany



Jannike Stöhr

Future Job Tester


 Kevin Warwick



Dr. Shimrit Tzur-David

CTO & Co-Founder Secret Double Octopus

Dr. Ali Ertük



Racheli Vizman

Co-Founder and CEO at SavorEat

... builds a 3D food printer that prints all kinds of meat dishes in 6 minutes that look and taste like natural meat


Dr. Matthias Christen

CEO and Founder Gigabases


Dr. Florina Speth

Future Scientist


Mike Merrill

Publicly Traded Person


Nic Marks

CEO and Founder of Friday


Martin Wild

CINO bei MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group




 Yipeng Sun

European Director Infervision


Daniel Jeffries

Author, Futurist, Systems Architect, and Thinker

Anjan Contractor

CEO and Co-founder of BeeHex


Jie Lin

CEO and Founder TMRW

Dr. Michael Bartl

Managing Director TAWNY

Holger Knöpke

Head of digital agenda at Deutsche Bahn


 Gadi Ruschin

Chief Executive Officer of Wave

Lior Zaks

Senior Consultant - Innovation and DLT / Futurist in Residence



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