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Dr. Matthias Christen

// How computer-generated cells will change biology and medicine.


Matthias Christen is the CEO and co-founder of Gigabases. In recent years, the chemist, who holds a doctorate, developed a computer-aided process together with ETH Zurich to rewrite the DNA of entire organisms. In this way, they created the first completely artificial genome of a bacterium.


This technology has the potential to revolutionize biotechnology. In the future, it will be possible to define entire cells for biotechnological and therapeutic applications on the computer according to our purposes and then build them. In addition to the sustainable production of active substances using minimized cells, future development will provide us with new targeted therapies based on tailor-made cells.


It is still unclear when the first therapeutic cells with artificial genomes will be available, but it is now clear that they can be developed. After chemical molecules and protein-based biopharmaceuticals, DNA will be at the heart of the coming medical revolution, changing the way we develop and apply tailor-made drugs for the benefit of patients.



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