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Prof. Joseph Wang

//Biosensors Go Wearable - Beyond Activity and Vital Tracking

//Microrobots Go In-Vivo: From Micromotors pills for Dynamic Oral Delivery to Transient Microrobots that Disappear When no Longer Needed



Joseph Wang is Distinguished Professor, SAIC Endowed Chair and Chair in Department of Nanoengineering at University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Prof. Wang has published more than 1060 papers, 11 books and he holds 30 patents. These publications have been cited approximately over 106,000 times and his H-index is 158. He received several national ACS, ECS and SEAC Awards in Instrumentation and Electrochemistry, 10 Honorary Professors from around the globe, and 3 Medals of honors from different countries. Dr. Wang is a Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE).


Wang's pioneering work in the field of nanorobots, has led to novel designs and applications of nano/microscale robots. His innovative studies have led to first demonstration of nanomotor operation in living organism towards improved therapeutic efficacy, to the creation of microrobot pills, to the world fastest nanomotor, a novel motion-based DNA biosensing, and nanomachine-enabled isolation of biological targets, such as cancer cells.


Furthermore Wang pioneered the use of body-worn printed flexible electrochemical sensors for performing on-body chemical analysis, tattoo-based sensor for monitoring glucose in diabetes, an oral-cavity sensor for saliva monitoring, microneedle-based electrochemical biosensors for real-time, pain-free quantification of circulating metabolites and electrolytes, and epidermal biofuel cells harvesting sweat energy and acting as self powered sesnors.



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