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Topics of the 2b AHEAD Future Congress 2019

2029: Intelligence first!

How does your 10x more intelligent company work?

What initially seems unbelievable when you look at everyday television news is an open secret in the international technology world. Intelligence boosts always occur when two things come together: A sudden increase in available data and new algorithms that bring these data into context and to new insights. This was the case in the days of Copernicus and Galileo. This was the case in the time of Karl Marx and Henry Ford. This is how it will be in the new decade: New sensor technology, image recognition and nanochips provide a wealth of data. Self-learning deep learning systems and quantum computers combine to form "Quantum Machine Learning" and create algorithms that predict more accurately, make better decisions and work with fewer errors than average human intelligence can.


Optimists believe that this will solve many of the human problems that have been considered unsolvable until now. At least the hunger, drinking water and energy problems. Probably also illiteracy, deadly diseases and perhaps even wars and their victims. Because not only cognitive intelligence is increasing, but also social and emotional intelligence. Pessimists, on the other hand, fear that all these promises are irrelevant if at the same time man loses his supremacy as the most intelligent species and becomes the slave of super-intelligent computers. Optimists contradict again and predict a massive increase of human intelligence when people connect their own intelligence with computers. And secondly, because a worldwide wave of education will produce billions of university graduates.


We will not be that far by 2029. There will be no super-intelligent computers yet. But it is a technological environment that is 10 to 100 times more intelligent than it is today. It is time to develop a positive utopia, a worthwhile vision of the future for a 10 times more intelligent world! The 18th  Future Congress of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank will develop this vision with its participants and speakers, led by Europe's leading futurologists!


The world in an intelligence rush

Forget the wisdom of the past: "Mobile first" is just as outdated as "Online first". Your challenge is called: INTELLIGENCE FIRST! What does your 10x more intelligent company look like? How do 10x more intelligent customer interfaces work for our customers and their intelligent bots? In which 10x more intelligent houses do we live? Which 10x more intelligent cars, trains and public transport solutions do we use? Which requirements must 10x more intelligent products meet? According to which rules do 10x more intelligent trade and logistics work? Who designs 10x more intelligent processes? What does 10x more intelligent food and agriculture look like? What competencies do we need in human digital teams? And what role do our companies play in an economy of billions of intelligent bots? ... These questions will lead to concrete recommendations for your future strategy.

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