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Speaker at the 2b AHEAD Future Congress 2018

These Speaker will amaze us with their visions and perspectives in 2018:

Prof. Mariano Andrenucci

SITAEL S.P.A.: Head of Space Propulsion Division


Raimund Bau

So1 GmbH: CEO/Founder

Raimund Bau, CEO of SO1, expects that product brands will no longer play a role in 2028. The decisive sales factor will no longer be the emotional charge of qualitative advertising, but the ecosystem of a product.


Dr. André Choulika

Cellectis SA: CEO & Chairman

Dr. André Choulika talks about top-class bio-hacking. It detects bugs in your DNA and eliminates them by gene-editing.


Richard Chung

Adient LDT. & Co.KG: Vice President Innovation and Design


Markus Herkersdorf


Deeply human - empathic AI and Mixed Reality


Rick Ifland

Omega Ophthalmics: CEO & Co-Founder

Rick Ifland will show you the latest convergence between medicine and high technology, where automation can offer a new way of life, a new platform for the management of our society.


Zoltan Istvan

Transhumanist Party: Founder

At the Future Congress, Istvan will explain how we can - and may have to - rely on transhumanism to keep up with AI.


Marten Kaevats

Government Office of Estonia: National Digital Advisor


Christa Koenen

Deutsche Bahn AG: CIO


Dr. Simon Kos

Worldwide Health, Microsoft: Chief Medical Officer

"People with disabilities cannot reach their full potential." Simon Kos will speak about Microsoft Health and why this statement will be a thing of the past in 2028.


Dr. Patrick Kramer

Digiwell: Founder

Dr. Kramer talks about why the future needs upgraded humans - and is going to chip you right at the congress.


Torsten Kriening

PTScientists GmbH: Chief Commercial Officer

As part of PTScientists GmbH, Torsten Kriening develops transport logistics and infrastructures to explore the condition of the moon and test possible construction materials on the terrestrial satellite.


Shruti Malani Krishnan

Powr of You: Co-Founder

Shruti Malani Krishnan is the founder of Powrofyou. She hands everyones' control over their data back and offers the platform on which the users determine who may use which of their data to earn money with it.


Michihito Matsuda

Tama near Tokyo: mayoral candidate

Michihito Matsuda promises fair and balanced politics with the concept of AI candidates for mayor. He was the world’s first to try this out in his hometown Tama, Tokyo.


Yuval Mor

Beyond Verbal: CEO

At the Future Congress, Yuval Mor will present to you how our lives will change as machines understand our emotions and recognize our health based on them.


Ira S. Pastor

Bioquark Inc.: CEO

At the Future Congress, Pastor will speak about how he plans to cure brain death even before we discover a cure for cancer.


Julika Prenzel

Superunion GmbH: Executive Director Brand Strategy

Julian Ranger

digi.me: Executive Chairman & Founder

Julian Ranger shows you a future where everyone owns and manages their own data - a future with maximum efficiency of data use but without any privacy concerns.


Dominik Schiener

IOTA Foundation: Co-Founder

Discuss with Dominik Schiener his vision: artificial intelligence is building its own parallel market economies in the networked city of the future.


Thomas Schubert

Dentons Europe LLP: Partner

Dr. Nathan Treff

Genomic Prediction: CSO

In 2028, we may think about choosing our embryo as deeply as we think about choosing our mate.


Sheena Urwin

Durham Constabulary: Head of Criminal Justice

Sheena Urwin describes how our society works when future policemen will mostly act on the basis of AI predictions.


Oliver von Ameln

adesso insurance solutions GmbH: General Manager

Oliver von Ameln will explain to you why no insurance company will be talking to its customers in ten years.


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